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XEROLOG is a software solutions and consulting company, with various visions on information technology.

XEROLOG’s first mission is to provide high quality software based service norms and improve quality standards for different web platforms, telecommunication, and automation solutions, for small and medium industries throughout the design lifecycle of their products, services, and customer maintenance.

One of XEROLOG’s greatest strengths is its mastery of general purposed industrial web based data management systems.
In response to the demand of its customers XEROLOG turned toward software development of dynamic, easy to use and affordable web based solutions.

From its initial position it held highly experienced and educated staff in software engineering, service marketing and graphic design. XEROLOG industrializes general purposed web solutions in a high quality service form with the lowest price.

The company opted to develop a genuine web application tool specifically dedicated to simplicity of use, that commercial users with lack of software experience would differentiate it from traditional consulting high cost web solutions.

June 2010
Xerolog lunches a content manager and website operating system: Diona CMS©. Please visit www.xerolog.com for more details.

July 2009
Xerolog lunches X-Ad Manager©, a customizable package: online Item listing and editing, Ecommerce and real-time invoicing, Newsgroup and bulk email manager. Package will be applicable on websites by demand.

April 2009
Xerolog announces a job position: Commission Base Sales Assistant. Click here for details.

January 2008
Xerolog offers limited time discounts on some of its web solutions. For more details please click here.

December 11th, 2008
Xerolog announces a job position for a part time technical writer. For more details please click here.

Octber 1st, 2008
Xerolog launches 4 lines of web solutions for personal, and small and medium businesses: WebPerso, WebIntro, WebDyno and WebStar. For more details please click here.

September 14th, 2008
Xerolog announces a full time web graphic designer position. For more details please click here.

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