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Deciding about Content Details

The first step to order your website is, taking your decision about the functional contents and the theme of its pages. In this step, you must decide about some details as:

  • The functionality of your website’s pages: How your website can better introduce your business on the internet.
  • The shape, the subject, the appearance of your website’s graphic contents. These details can easily make a unique image to the most of viewers of your website.
  • The frequency of content change you may have within a year: Sometimes, you may decide to change some contents very frequently. These contents must be highlighted for your website designers.

Choosing a Solution and Customize It

Having your budget limit and the specifications of your website, you can choose a solution from our list. In this step, you can contact us, and ask for more information about your chosen solution. Our representative can give you more details about the advantages of each solution and help you customize it according to your need with a minimum cost.

Choosing a Payment Method and Schedule with Us

After being sure about your chosen solution, you can consult our list of Payment Methods or directly talk to our staff about the possible payment methods and schedule for your payment. Our representative will help you make a secure decision and a secure payment along the solution delivery.

Delivery Period

Each of chosen solutions has a delivery time which is the period that a prototype of your website is being prepared by our designers. During this time, our staff may schedule and contact you for more specific details about the pages. We appreciate your collaboration and your brilliant opinion and will make your customization much easier in a very short period.

Finalizing Website Theme

After the Delivery period, your website will be published in internet and you have a final decision period about some items in your website. We believe that after publishing your website, you will have more opportunity to decide about the appearance details.


To satisfy you better, we also provide a warranty for our services. Each solution has a warranty period that covers a regular monthly or bi-weekly consulting with our staff. Within this period you can have the error corrections, text content changes, or simply ask for their help to self-organize your website contents.
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