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General Statement
Ownership of Intellectual Property Rights and Confidentiality of Information
      XEROLOG and Clients’ Information
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       Consent to Transfer to Canadian Rights for International Clients
Privacy of Use and Guarantee of Service
Customer Satisfaction and Service Cancellation Policy

General Statement
XEROLOG recognizes your right to privacy. Contents of this page outline Clients’ personal information we may collect, how personal information is been used, Privacy Statement, and Clients’ Satisfaction Policy. Please read this page carefully so that you understand our commitment to your privacy. XEROLOG may decide to change its policy from time to time. When we do, we will post those changes on this page so that you are always aware of the policies we follow about your porsonal information and our offered services to you.


Definition of Source code:
Source code is the collection of files needed to convert from human-readable form to some kind of computer-executable form. The source code may be converted into an executable file by a compiler, or executed on the fly from the human readable form with the aid of an interpreter. In the XEROLOG Web Solutions, the source code includes any file using as the backbone of the Website such as the files with the extensions: cs, fla, psd, mdb, etc.

Definition of Executable file: File that contains instructions for an interpreter or virtual machine, and is specifically in scripts (tagged language) or bytecodes (binaries). In XEROLOG Web Solutions, database and data files that only contain client’s data are considered as executable too. In the XEROLOG Web Solutions the executable files includes the files with the extensions: Dll, ascx, aspx, css, skin, jpg, bmp, gif, ico, swf, pdf, exe, xml, config, sitemap ,etc.

Terms of Use, Ownership of Intellectual Property Rights and Confidentiality

XEROLOG and Clients’ Information:

• Personal information is collected when you provide submissions or request information about our services through our online or hard copied forms. All personal information from website visitors who knowingly and voluntarily provide their information is collected by us. Examples of personal information collected on the website include first name, last name, email address, mailing address, and contact numbers. The information is collected so that we may:

- Continually enhance our understanding of your experience with XEROLOG
- Share and meet your expectations in our services
- Respond directly to your queries
- Build awareness of our Solutions and services
- Conduct and facilitate our events and questionnaires
- Manage our relationship with our clients

• By submitting comments or requests, you agree and understand that the personal information you provide will be shared with XEROLOG provided personnel who have the authority to respond and/or act on the submission and/or request. You may decide to voluntarily tell us about your experience, share your opinions, ideas, suggestions, questions, correspondence, comments, creative ideas or graphic images, these submission become the property of XEROLOG, and XEROLOG shall be free to internally use the submission on an unrestricted basis. All submissions you provide must comply with copyright and international law. XEROLOG can select your submission to be shared for the purpose of improvement of its solutions and services.

• Every information recieved form clients to be used in their own solutions provided by XEROLOG must be under International Copyright law. XEROLOG is not responsible for clients information such as files, logos, images, and text contents used in their own website in the condition that these data is provided by client. 

• Tracking Website Visits of the IP (Internet Protocol) addresses of computers (servers) or become part of XEROLOG statistical analysis on the use of our website using web analytic tools so XEROLOG may better design services and improve access to them. However, XEROLOG cannot gain personally identifiable information on individual users and associate them with IP addresses except in the condition that users voluntarily submit their postal code and other related information through the website of XEROLOG.

XEROLOG Website Contents

Xerolog Web Site may contain links to other online resources. We provide the links for your convenience, but we do not review, control, or monitor the privacy practices of online resources operated by others. This Privacy Statement does not apply to any other online resources where a link to this Privacy Statement does not appear. We are not responsible for the performance of sites operated by third parties or for your business dealings with them. Therefore, whenever you leave this Web Site we recommend that you review each site's privacy practices and make your own conclusions regarding the adequacy of these practices.

Clients and XEROLOG Solutions

• Any resale or distribution of XEROLOG’s products or Solutions, including source code, executable files and market analysis information and policies must be authorized by its producer.

• XEROLOG Solutions including source code, executable files and hard copy of market analysis information, are provided for a single user. Unauthorized use of solutions including copies, adaptations, or changes to provided Solutions, code, graphics, icons, online data bases, etc. are illegal.

• XEROLOG proudly marks each of its pages with its personalized logo as a symbol of copy right. 

• XEROLOG may operate according to the existing laws in investigating and prosecuting Web Site users who violate rules or engage in behavior which is harmful (or illegal) to other XEROLOG clients or website visitors. XEROLOG may enforce this Privacy Statement and the other rules about the use of this Web Site, protect its rights or property, protect someone else's confidentiality or other legal process.

Consent to Transfer to Canadian Rights for International Clients

This Web Site is operated in Canada. If you are located in the European Union, Asian Countries, or the United States, or elsewhere outside of Canada, please be aware that any information you provide to us will be transferred to Canada. By using the Web Site or providing us with your information, you consent to this transfer.

Privacy of Use and Guarantee of Service

• XEROLOG will inform its customers in advance of any scheduled automatic or manual changes in their software solution; such as error corrections, periodic updates, connection interruptions, etc.

• Customers must have their own backup of their Solution produced by XEROLOG. XEROLOG is NOT responsible for keeping backups of customer programs and does not guarantee their availability after the support period.

• XEROLOG subcontracts web hosting services. We apologize in advance for any intermittent interruption due to our suppliers, and reserve the right to a reasonable delay in order to reestablish our services.

• XEROLOG guarantees the confidentiality of client’s personal information stored in clients’ hosting space such as client’s specifications, financial and banking information, emails, and private data. It will not be distributed for any reason, and will not be used without client’s permission.

Customer Satisfaction and Service Cancellation Policy
• Customer satisfaction is XEROLOG’s ultimate goal. We focus on a dynamic evolution of our products, which is customer opinion induced. Our customers can expect occasional questionnaires and interviews in order to maintain our desired level of quality assurance and continued improvement.

• XEROLOG’s first objective is its client’s satisfaction and moves forward through this objective. We proactively ask clients about the quality of our offered services. However, if for any reason the clients are not satisfied with our services we have a “No questions asked refund” policy during the first period of service that guarantees the return of any funds owed in their contract excluding an administration fee that changes time to time and MAY BE found on the hard copy of XEROLOG's Design Contracts.

• In conjunction with our Solutions we provide a proper period of training to ensure the clients comfort of use. If for any reason additional training is desired, it is available for small cost.
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